OneBeacon Management Liability®

Management Liability Insurance is designed for companies operating in a world where complex is an understatement.  With tailored solutions designed for a wide range of organizations, our coverages allow business owners and managers to focus their time and effort on their core missions.

Insurance experts. Industry focused.

The business interests of companies vary widely. From healthcare to manufacturing to private companies and not-for-profit organizations, the challenges they face are diverse as well. That’s why we’ve put together coverages to handle the intricacies and complexities that are unique to each situation.

Our Management Liability Program includes the following coverage options:

  • Directors Officers and Organization Liability Insurance (“D&O”)
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (“EPL”)
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance
  • Crime Insurance
  • Follow Form and Side A Excess Coverage
  • Employed Lawyers Liability Insurance

Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations face complex challenges every day, both in clinical and managerial settings. Decisions made in the board room can have a significant impact on an organization’s financial health. The wide variety of health care organizations – from long term care facilities to physicians and medical groups – generate a diverse and expansive need for coverage. Which is exactly what we provide.

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Not-for-Profit Organizations

In the not-for-profit field, each organization has a very different mission, with unique goals and objectives. That makes every situation different. Developing coverage solutions for each of these situations on a tailored, individual basis takes a wide range of expertise and experience, which is what we bring to the table.

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Private Companies

The business interests of private companies vary widely. From manufacturing to technology to agriculture, the challenges they face are diverse as well. That’s why, when it comes to developing innovative solutions to each risk, we’ve put together coverages to handle the intricacies and complexities that are unique to each situation.

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Professional Firms

Understanding the complexities of employment practices exposures in professional firms takes expertise. It also takes a deep appreciation for the unique employment environments of professional firms. Our team combines extensive experience working with the legal and professional communities with a keen understanding of the business and the culture to put together a variety of innovative solutions.

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Employed Lawyers

Risk Management

Littler Mendelson P.C., one of the nation's leading employment and labor law firms, provides a comprehensive package of risk management products and services to OneBeacon's EPLI policyholders. Through this unique risk management program, policyholders have access to a wide variety of online employment related content, forms and analysis, as well as an employment practices hotline staffed by the experts at Littler Mendelson. These resources are available to OneBeacon's EPLI policyholders at no additional charge.

Examples of available resources include:

  • Employment practices hotline available through Littler Mendelson
  • Harassment training webinar for up to 10 supervisors or managers
  • Employment law updates and newsletters
  • Articles like this one about DOL rules taking effect on December 1
  • Secure access to an online risk management website specifically for OneBeacon's EPLI policyholders, with content including: sample employee handbooks, including state supplement information for most states; employment policies and practices; over 50 Human Resource forms and checklists; over 3,000 pages of state and national employment law reference manuals; Hire and Fire Guide; Preventing Unlawful Harassment Guide; and employment law and human resources strategy tips.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact Stacy Paquet.


PLEASE NOTE: OneBeacon may, at any time and in its sole discretion, change or eliminate any of the services/resources described above.  Littler Mendelson P.C. attorneys are not claims agents for the member insurance companies of the OneBeacon Insurance Group, and no information discussed with any Littler Mendelson P.C. attorney via the hotline will be deemed to constitute notice or a report of any potential claim or claim under your policy.  Please consult your policy provisions for the required manner of reporting claims or potential claims.